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 Washington Boro Festival - Information

The Annual Washington Boro Tomato Festival is held every year on the second and third Saturday of July. Following are the date, time and location of the Washington Boro Tomato Festival.

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The Washington Boro Tomato Festival is one of the best, little known, Tomato Festivals in the country.

The location while out of the way, is great. Nestled along the Eastern bank of the Susquehanna river.

Tomatoes and Chicken Corn Soup are the stars of this Festival. Combined with great people, music, fun, food and games,this is one of the best summer Festivals in the U.S.A.

This Festival is presented by the Blue Rock Fire Department.

The Washington Boro Festival has been around for over 55 years! Making it one of the longest running Tomato Festivals.

The atmosphere at the Community park makes this event a true family oriented gem.

The Festival is held on two consecutive Saturdays instead of the usual consecutive days as other multi-day Festivals schedule.

This opens up the possibility of a Pennsylvania Dutch one week summer vacation in the greater Lancaster County area, bookended by the Washington Boro Tomato Festival.

Bring the whole family this Summer!  

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Getting there is half the fun! 

Flying in?  A rental car will be necessary. The drive from the airport is approx. 1 1/2 hours.  Which airport?  The Philadelphia and Baltimore Airports are nearly the same distance.  Both routes are scenic once out of the city.  The Baltimore flights were slightly cheaper when  compared in early May. 


Lancaster County area has a number of quality Hotels.  But, for that country feel, definitely compare accommodations with the B&B's and Vacation Homes available in the Washington Boro vicinity.    

Things to Do!

Adventure along the Susquehanna river or deep into Amish country.  There is something for the whole family to experience in the Washington Boro Area

Tomatoes are great, but so is Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on those Non-Festival days.  Plan on trying the areas Top Rated (by other travelers, not stodgy food critics) Restaurants. 

Washington Boro Festival Review

Tomato festivals are the best source for fresh tomatoes. A closer look at this Festival reveals a different twist on the Tomato theme. It all starts with the
Washington Boro Tomato Festival Preview. and Review.

 Washington Boro Tomato Feast

Can't get enough of Beautiful Washington Boro and the great tomatoes? Then you need to attend The Washington Boro Tomato Feast held by the United Methodist Church of Washington Boro.

The Annual UMC Tomato Feast is usually held on the second Saturday in August.

This Event is held a month after the Washington Boro Tomato Festival.

The United Methodist Church appropriately named this event "Tomato Feast" for a reason. This is a Tomato Foodie's dream, an event for the tummy.

If you can't get enough of the Washington Boro Tomatoes in some delicious recipes, be sure to pick up one of their Cook Books featuring local tomato recipes.

For more information contact the organizers at  
Washington Boro Tomato Feast

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