Victory Garden Basics

Victory Garden Basics will demonstrate the history of our gardening past using current general garden knowledge.


Victory Gardens were the product of hard times, brought on by War and economic distress. Americans living in cities and suburbs were urged by the Government to grow their own food. For families in the country it was farming as usual.

Victory Gardens would help America and Americans survive during Wars and failed economic conditions.

Open common areas between apartment buidings, City Parks and vacant lots were used by American Communtities to produce sustanance for their families.

Now, it's time for many Americans to consider Vegetable Gardens.

Many are suffering from lost jobs, homes and most of all disposable income. Victory Gardens are a perfect way to feed the family while on the path to economic recovery.

Not only do they learn to become one with nature they improve the quality of family life as well.


Before venturing into your garden learn the basics and you'll be on a path to sustainable gardening.

Every crop grown provides sustenance from vegetables and herbs, plus enough free vegetable SEEDS for future gardens as well.

The Everything Tomatoes Garden is centered on Tomatoes. Tomatoes produce more output per square foot than most other vegetables and are perhaps the most versatile in recipes as well.

A strong tomato vegetable garden will incorporate companion plants for the best possible results.

Recipes on this site use ingredients grown in the tomato vegetable gardens.

People that have never grown their own vegetables will be amazed how fresh tasting and healthy feeling food is using fresh vegetable Recipes

What about plants not tomato compatible with tomatoes such as cabbage, beans, broccoli etc? Garden space permitting, these can be added to areas away from the main garden.


Start planning using the steps and tips found in our "How To Grow Tomatoes" pages. Ideas found on these pages work with all compatible vegetables. Learn the basics before starting a Victroy Garden

There will be some difficulties along the way. There always are on any adventure. Keep an open mind, have fun and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This page will get you started on your tomato garden adventure.

How to Grow Tomatoes

Find important tips to consider, that just reading seed packs won't provide,

Tomato Growing Tips

There are thousands of tomato varieties and styles to consider. Learn the differences about

Tomato Plants

Sticking a plant in the ground and hoping for the best isn't the best plan. Learn more

Planting Tomatoes

Gardening can be dirty business. Just as everything in life has balance, so should your garden soil.

Facts About Soil

Water. Not enough and too much are both big garden problems. The gardener is the plant's bar tender. Know when to quench their thirst and when to cut them off.

Watering Tomatoes

Important measuring needs to done in your garden planning.

Here's a link to one of our favorite sites for Tomato Victory Garden Planning

Plant selection and planning will be the main difference and will be discussed on the Tomato Companions page.

Use this informtion to determine which of the companion plants and herbs you'd like to use in your vegetable garden.

Next, layout available space for your garden. One or more areas around your home may be candidates for garden patches.

Garden patches were used as victory gardens when a large open space wasn't available or as secondary plots. Patios are capable of vegetable gardening, space permitting.

Two essential members of the vegetable garden, Carrots and Onions (Leeks), are perfect garden border vegetables.

One thing to remember, make room for stepping (stones) areas for access to the rest of the garden. The greens on many carrot varieties can grow pretty high.

When planning consider other open areas between the vegetables for herbs.

Tomatoes are the anchor of this garden.

Plant type is a very important decision in the planning process. Indeterminates grow larger and determinates grow within a smaller footprint and are great for this type garden.

Sustainable gardening includes growing seeds for future gardens. Hybrids are not advised for seeding. Consider non-hybrids when choosing other vegetables as well.

Another consideration, indeterminates produce throughout the season and determinates harvest at maturity and lasts a couple of weeks, then the plant can be removed from the garden. Both have advantages, choose which works for you.

Our Garden uses both types Tomato plants, Carrots, Onions,Leeks, Celery and Peppers. Herbs are Marjoram, Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Sage. Oregano and Rosemary. These as ingredients make endless recipes possible.

Here are some tips on how to grow a Victory Garden with Staggering Results

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