Tomato Sandwich, Variations On Simplicity

A Tomato Sandwich with vine ripened beauties, soft white bread, mayonaise and a little salt and pepper may be the ultimate tomato recipe. The tastes, the textures, of one of the best fresh tomato recipes on the planet, mmm! Ok, I know you didn't click on this page for something you already knew. And really, are they actually recipes or just food construction? After all, the tomato is usually just garnish or an ingredient in sandwiches like Cheeseburgers or Hoagies. At the most, it gets equal billing in a BLT. But it's the star in a tomato sandwich. This page is just a list of variations on the theme. Here are some great ways to make tomatoes in a sandwich.

SLIDERS - A takeoff of the famous mini burgers. I like those little Square flour powdered dinner rolls for the tomato version. If you've got some undersized tomatoes, a pile of these sandwiches are great finger food for a party or a snack.

GRILLED - Salt and pepper your tomato slices grill them a couple of minutes each side. Add a slice of your favorite cheese on top while you're grilling the second side. use Standard or Slider size.

BACON - Crisp slices or crumbled bits add a nice touch to any of the sandwich recipes

EGGS - Fried or scrambled with a slice of tomato, bacon and cheese, I guess you could add lettuce to make it a B.E.L.T.

BREAD - White bread not in your diet? Whole wheat , multigrain, Pita or English muffin the choice is yours. Speaking of English muffins, those things were made for tomatoes. Here's a great broiled sandwich. Toasted English muffin bottom, slice of tomato, slices of avocado, slices of bacon, topped with a good melting cheese like jack or muenster and broil until the cheese melts into little brown bubbles. Add the muffin top and enjoy.

MELTDOWN - A Grilled cheese Tomato Sandwich. Add some Tuna salad for a Tuna Meltdown.

FRIED GREEN TOMATO - A warm slice of heaven between two slices of your favorite Bread! You can add cheese, bacon, salsa or just eat it with a little salt and pepper. Got some smaller Fried Green Tomatoes? How about some Fried Green Tomato Sliders?

OTHER INGREDIENTS - Onions, lettuce, Fresh Basil, Balsamic Vinegar, Mushrooms, Hot Peppers or Hot Sauce will work with these totally tomatoes sandwiches. Experiment and have fun.

At the Washington Boro Tomato Festival I found possibly the best Tomato Sandwich . The Fresh Bread and Vine Ripened Jet Star Tomatoes were a great combination.

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