Tomato Growing Tips
for the Home Gardener

Developing top tomato growing tips come after years of receiving sage advise, combined with trial and error methods.

These ideas and methods will help in formulating a sound garden game plan. Keep in mind, one thing remains true, gardners never know everything about growing tomatoes.

Following are tomato growing tips for successful gardening.

Tip #1 - One of the best tomatoes growing tips is PREVENTION.

Many gardeners consider their prevention methods long before planting begins.

Is this the secret of growing tomatoes? Maybe. If executed properly, Prevention principles will allow Mother Nature to do her thing. Gardening prevention is using the knowledge of natural conditions to better the plants chances of success.

Gardening ideas and practices based on prevention, will eliminate many garden disasters and allow the garden to thrive.

Choosing the right seeds or seedlings, how, where and when to plant contain prevention methods. While prevention is possibly the most important tip for overall success, it is not the first thing to consider.

Planning is the first step to creating a successful tomato garden.

Tip #2 - Everything begins with Planning.

Don't just buy seeds or seedlings and plant them randomly.

While this may work for some, planning increases the odds of success. When selecting plants, base the choice on some favorite tomato recipes. Make sure the selection is compatible with the region's growing conditions.

Try planting two or three different varieties and compare how well they adapt to the garden.

The area to plant the tomatoes is the next consideration. Exposure to sunlight and choosing a location other than the one used last season is very important.

Planting in the same place as last year can leave the plants succeptable to diseases.

Soil condition is next. Choose the garden's location and test the soil condition well in advance of next season.

Things to look for are soil PH and the nutrient balance of the soil. If the PH range is not ideal, address it months in advance of planting the garden. Turn the soil to aereate, add compost, lime or other nutrients as needed.

Then retest before planting seedlings. Decide planting depth, support, irrigation as well as which type mulch to use.

Tip #3 - Too much of anything can be harmful to plants.

Over watering, fertilizing and the use of pesticdes on tomatoes are causes of most tomato garden problems.

Recognizing your excess requires a certain awareness, which goes hand in hand with the next tip.

Tip #4 - Next on the list of best tomatoes growing tips. BE AWARE!

Don't be a plant and forget gardner, even though some do it successfully every season.

Check for the signs of pests and diseases. Learn what to look for. When problems arise, find the right cure. Hopefully, taking notes on this tomato growing tips page will help limit the potential damage.

Always try natural gardening solutions. Not all changes in the leaves are a calamity. Nature will alter plants with variations in sun, wind and rain. The good news is, nature usually puts things right again.

Tomatoes need attention, but not a heavy hand. Being paranoid or obsessive can lead to more problems. Nature usually works it out, but be aware.

Tip #5 - Using Natural vs. chemical based gardening styles.

Realize the benefits of natural, organic gardeneing.

Choosing a growing style that's laced with chemicals may increase production, but chemical fertilizers and pest sprays may leave gardeners and their plants more succeptable to ailments.

Allowing the plant to grow naturally, provides shade for the fruit during high temperatures and direct sun. Don't forget, growing cleaner, safer produce will benefit both friends and loved ones.

Tip #6 - Companions. Everybody needs a friend, even tomatoes.

Companion plants are missing from so many attempts to grow tomatoes. What a shame!

Most gardeners don't understand which plants can help or hurt their tomatoes. Some tomato companion plants attract beneficial insects that eat the destructive insects and others will repel destructive insects away from the garden. Some companion plants enhance the flavor of tomatoes.

The tomato growing tips,methods and results of our Winter Projects such as The Beefmaster Tomato Project are ammunition for improving next seasons gardening results.

But, following the progress of these gardening projects each winter isn't the only way to discover new and sometimes unusual methods.

Join a garden club, log onto various tomato and gardening blogs and forums. The more the gardener learns, the better the garden. Make friends and exchange ideas.

It really works. A grain of salt needs to be taken into consideration in these inpromptu gatherings. Some ideas are great, others are ridiculous and evade common sense. Sort them out and learn!

Once an "experienced" gardener proclaimed eucalyptus mulch would stunt tomato plants and leave them susceptable to various ailments.

So, the Beefmaster Winter Project included some of the mulch to test the theory. The sacrificial lambs in this experiment became the Tomato Condo residents. The longest branch of one of the twin Beefmaster tomato plants grew to twenty feet long. So much for that eucalyptus / tomato growing tip!

Don't forget a grain of salt, have fun and grow some tomatoes!

It is very rare that Tomato Gardeners grow just tomatoes. Many companion vegetable and herb plants are grown in the garden along with tomaotes.

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