Tomato Bash Information

Tomato Bash information is not about one of the regular Tomato Festivals.  Simply a Huge Tomato Fight with Music. No pretend Tomato Festivals here. Just in your face go for it.

Prepare yourself for the Tomato Bash,  The most insane tomato smothering of your life!   Thousands upon thousands of non-edible tomatoes will fly through the air in an all out assault on cleanliness. 

Dodge, duck and weave your way through this battle ground of slushy red goo as you work hard to make your friends unrecognizable. 

Beer, music, adrenaline and mushy flying tomatoes combine to create a memory that will be etched into your mind for eternity

This bucket list production begins with registration, the pouring of beer, food trucks, tomato rock’n music and entertainment.

The Tomato Foam Machine gets turned on then the tomato bashers put on their safety goggles and gather around a mountain of slushy tomatoes.  When the whistle blows, participants will soon be lost in a sea of red while participating in an epic crusade of tomato bashing.

The Tomato Bash will leave no tomato unsmashed.  Grab your friends, put on some crazy costumes and get ready to make ketchup with your entire body in one of the craziest tomato fests on the planet!

There will be a time to wipe your face…and that is after every tomato is smashed!

 Tomato Blast  - Information

The Tomato Blast is held in August, the peak of Tomato Season.  

Find out more about Tomato Blast Tomato Festival(s)  by contacting
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For more information go to the Tomato Bash Website.

Tomato Bash Web Site

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 Flying in?  A rental car is necessary, but will open up the scope of your adventure. 


No matter where you are coming from there are quality Hotels, guest houses and B&B's everywhere.   Be sure to check the hotel map to assure best proximity to the Bash.   

Things to Do!

A trip in to theTomato Bash opens up some interesting ideas for a weekender trip.

You've got the makings of an Epic week long adventure.  


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