Tomato Festivals, A Celebration of Everything Tomatoes

Summer Tomato Festivals!

Festivals featuring Tomatoes as the headliner are found throughout the United States and around the world.

Find anything from Sweet Tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatos, Tomato fights and more for a totally tomatoes experience.

This page will concentrate on events in the U.S.A., except for one.

The Tomatina Festival in Spain is probably the wildest of them all. The main attraction at the Tomatina Festival is the Worlds largest food fight. Tons of tomatoes and thousands of people in one big food fight. Never seen or heard of it? This link is a great starting point. Tomatina Tomato Festivals

The town of Bunol's LA Tomatina Festival isn't the only crazy Festival in Spain. Getting wet, messy and bruised at La Tomatina is common. A visit to the Festival in Pamplona could put participants in the hospital or worst. But if the spirit for adventure inspires, RUN WITH THE BULLS!

Now back to Tomato Festivals U.S.A.

La Tomatina has inspired many Tomato Festivals to include Tomato Fights in their Festivals. A few Festivals featured tomato fights for years. The number Festival Fights has increased over the past few Festival seasons. Find one on the Tomato Fights page.

If a Food Fight or Running with the Bulls isn't at the top on the list of reasons to attend a tomato celebration, consider some others.

Common among most of these celebrations are exhibitions displaying the best locally grown tomatoes, including tasting and cooking contests featuring all sorts of tomato recipes. Other contests may be for largest, prettiest and ugliest tomatoes.

Miss Tomato Contest/Pageants. Festival Pageants showcase young adults and/ or children vying for a coveted tomato crown.

Music, crafts, Amusement rides, Classic Car Shows, event foods and Charity 5K and 10K runs round out things to do at Festivals.

Here are Links to the State lists of Tomato Festivals near you.

Festivals in Arkansas - Kentucky
Festivals in Louisiana - Ontario
Festivals, Pennsylvania - West Virginia

Whether looking for a new favorite tomato for next year's crop or the perfect tomato for a favorite recipe, Festivals should be on everyone's list of things to do.

Before going, look at who's presenting the Festival. The event could be presented by The Town or County's Chamber of Commerce, Farmers Markets, Seed Vendors, the local Fire Company or a Winery.

Choose a Festival, go have fun and explore Everything Tomatoes.

Tomato Fight page is a quick look at the Wild Side of Summer Festivals.

As we update each Festival, we will add information regarding the best way to get there, best places to stay and ways to discover other destinations near the Festival to expand your experience. Just look for the highlighted GOING, STAYING, THINGS TO DO links.


Our first Festival Review, the Washinton Boro Festival in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The review has two sections.

Washington Boro Festival Preview. The story of the journey to the Festival.

The Washington Boro Festival Review

Our Ruskin Tomato Festival Review is a tribute to the, former, first major Festival of the year. This Florida Festival was a classic.

Our hopes are with the people and farmers of the Ruskin area that this great Festival will someday return.

Here's our review of the Ruskin Tomato Festival.

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