Red Clam Chowder and
Conch Chowder Recipes

Red Clam Chowder is a classic Seaside Dish.

This is a hardy version of tomato based clam chowder recipes with a few twists.

It may seem like a Manhattan Clam Chowder, but this clam chowder recipe is spicier and thicker than most Manhattan Clam Chowder Recipes.

When I moved to Florida, I discovered island style Conch Chowder Recipes. After visits to the Caribbean, I realized most of the recipes I tried were very similar to my spicy version of red clam chowder.

The Conch Chowder recipe is a variation of the Red clam chowder. Both recipes are outstanding and are great any time of the year.

Serve as an appetizer, main dish or for special events, like fall football parties.

This recipe has been one of the dishes of our Christmas Eve Italian "Seven Fishes" dinner for years.



Slice salt pork into 1/4" thick 3/4" x 1" strips, saute in large pot on low/med heat until pieces are crisp cracklings. remove cracklings and set aside.

Add minced onions to the reduction and saute on low heat until clear.

Separate hard clam parts from the juice and set the clam juice aside. Add hard clam parts to the onions, slowly sift and stir in the flour until onions and clams are coated.

Stir in both clam juices (retained from hard parts and bottled), water, and tomato base for Red Clam Chowder.

Next stir in Cajun seasoning, cayenne, hot sauce, bay leaf, old bay, catsup, celery and carrots. Mince pork cracklings and add to chowder.

Cover and simmer on low/med heat for 15 minutes.

Then boil the potatoes until firm but tender, drain, cool water wash, drain again and add to chowder.

Cover and cook until celery, carrots and potatoes are tender. Do final taste test and season as needed. Serve hot with oyster crackers.

Serves 6.


1 block of Salt Pork. approx. 2"x 2"x 3/4"

28 - 30 oz. canned minced or chopped clams (approx. 3 cups including juice)

1 large Onion - minced

3 tbsp Flour

3 cups tomato base or 1 - 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes

1 bay leaf

2 tbsp "Crystal Hot Sauce" or equivalant

1 tbsp "Tony Chachers Creole" or equivalant Cajun seasoning

1 tbsp "Old Bay" or equivalant seafood seasoning

1/2 tsp Cayene pepper

1/2 cup Catsup

1 cup Celery, diced

1 cup Carrots, diced

1 cup bottled clam juice

2 cups Potatoes, chopped


I suggest trying this recipe the way it is, except for the spice.

If you think it seems too hot, start with half the Hot Sauce, Cajun seasoning and Cayene pepper. Then dial it in as you like.

If more than 6 guests, I usually double the recipe. Too much is ok. It's really good as a leftover.

SALT PORK - Can be substituted with a couple of strips of thick cut bacon. A meatless version would use 3 tbsp Olive Oil in place of pork.

CLAMS - Some like more, some like less, your choice. I like to use one can of minced and one of chopped. If you are fortunate enough to have fresh clams, use those in place of the canned version.


This is a variation of the Red Clam Chowder.

The obvious difference is substituting the Conch for the Clams.

If you've never worked with Conch, here's the best way to prepare it.

Use 2 - 6 Conch, depending on the size of the Conch, you need to end up with about 2 - 3 cups of meat.

Cut each conch into three pieces, length wise. Cover and pound the meat with a tenderizing mallet until the meat starts to break up ( just short of disintegrating).

Place meat in a marinating container ( low - wide tupperware type ) drizzle over a 1/2 cup of lime juice. Marinate for 2 hours.

Remove meat and save juice for the chowder. Dice or mince meat.

There are only two other changes.

Chop the onion, celery and carrots in larger bite size pieces and add one more bottle of Clam Juice.

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