New York Tomato Blast!

Tomato Blast is a massive tomato fight modeled after Spain's annual La Tomatina Fest.  

La Tomatina is an annual festival held in Valencian the town of Buñol, a town located 30 km from the Mediterranean, in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in this tomato fights purely for fun!  

Get ready for a Tomato Blast loaded up and firing approx. 40,000 Pounds of Tomatoes!

Add in a little Top 40, Hip-Hop and Rock music to fire up the red nasty!

New York Tomato Blast  - Information

The New York Tomato Blast Festival.

FESTIVAL DATE:   Due To a Tomato Shortage this Festival will hopefully be re-scheduled sometime in September

Check the Tomato Blast Website for updates

TIME: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

LOCATION: Citi Field
                        12301 Roosevelt Ave.,
                        Corona, NY 11368

PRICE: $49.99 for participants. $24.99 for spectators. Goggles $4.00.  

Age:  All ages are welcomed. 14+ to participate in tomato fight. 21+ to consume beer. 

Excerpt from the Site.

Have you ever been hit with a tomato ripe or aged?  So, you know they both can hurt.  That is why the tomatoes used during our fights are aged and softer than ripe tomatoes.  But you will be hit by a tomato and it will hurt.  Please note we can not guarantee all tomatoes are as aged and soft as others as there is no way to individually check hundreds of thousands tomatos.  Also, safety goggles must be worn for this event.  In fact, you can purchase a pair before D-day when you register for the event. In addition, all event participants must sign our event waiver agreement to participate in our events.  Rest assured we do all we can to ensure a safe event.  Furthermore, there is no direct throwing at someones head. Any participant in violation of this will be removed and asked to leave the event. However, the facts are with tomatoes flying you will get hit and they will hurt. All participants assume all risk associated with getting hit with flying tomatoes   More Tomato Blast Information


The New York Tomato Blast Festival is located in New York Cioty.  If flying into JFK airport, a rental car may be necessary depending on your choice of accommodations.   This Festival is between Manhattan and JFK Airport.


Before and after your Tomato Blast Festival madness, you may want to take in some big city sites along with lots of attractions to balance your adventure.  The Big Apple is definitely the place to stay.     

Things to Do!

Add New York City's attractions to your wild New York Tomato Blast weekend or go for a Big City Summer vacation and extend your visit to the Big Apple for a week or more.  There's plenty to do.

WAIT!  It's a "Two For"

A trip to New York City and a Tomato Food Fight!

If you're looking for THE Bucket List Weekend, this is your big chance!
Plus, it's right here in the good old U.S.A.


Can't make it to New York Tomato Blast?  How about Chicago?