Tomato (Information)
and Pear Festival

 Linvilla Tomato information and oh yeah, Pear Festival!  Really?  How did these two unlikely fruits team up in Festival?

Let's get a couple of things out of the way.

First - This place is a personal favorite.  I've been going here since I was a child(some say I still am).  It's all about Family, Community, Farming and Eating at Linvilla.  Did I mention Outrageous Pies?

Second - What this Festival isn't. No Beauty Pageants, No Himalaya or Ferris Wheel rides, No Event Booths or Tomato Fights

What it is.  Harvest Time for two great fruits just waiting for you to pick them and take them home.

The fruits of man's labor and nature's gifts are waiting for you at Linvilla

But, there's more to Linvilla than a "you pick 'em" event.  It started a long time ago.

In 1914, Arthur Linvill and his mother Lydia purchased a dairy farm with an eighty-foot tall octagonal barn. The Linvills shipped fresh milk and cream to Swarthmore, but Arthur wanted to grow peaches. Orchards were planted and they sold the fruit from a horse-drawn wagon.

With the increased use of automobiles people began to come to the farm where the Linvill family sold their produce from the front porch of the farm house.

As the produce became more abundant, the farm became more popular and the Farm Market opened in the Octagonal Barn. Over the years a bakery and gift shop were added which complemented the operation.

Neighbors from all over the Delaware Valley have been coming back ever since.

 In 2002, the picturesque barn was destroyed in a fire, but the Linvill family hopes to rebuild the landmark on its original site some day. Arthur's son Paul, his wife Peg, their children and grandchildren continue to operate Linvilla Orchards, faithful to the tradition that has made it such a great place to visit for a century.

They hope you'll be part of the next great era in Linvilla history.

 Linvilla Tomato and Pear Festival Information

The Linvilla Tomato (information) and Pear Festival is held every year in August, the peak of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Tomato and Pear Season.  

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Linvilla Orchards is a 300-acre family farm dedicated to agriculture, entertainment and education. A trip to Linvilla creates family memories that last a lifetime and generations of Delaware Valley families have returned year after year to experience all of the things that make Linvilla Orchards special.

For more information go to the Linvilla Website.

Linvilla Tomato and Pear Festival Site

More about Pick Your Own at Linvilla

More!  Linvilla Tomato information and oh yeah, Pear Festival! 


Drive there!, Fly there,  Just get there!

The Linvilla Tomato and Pear Festival is located 18 minutes from the Philadelphia Airport.

Flying in?  A rental car is necessary, but will open up the scope of your adventure.

If You're flying into Philly and you're a little hungry, while in the airport definitely stop by the King of Pizza.


No matter where you are coming from there are quality Hotels, guest houses and B&B's everywhere.  Staying in the Delaware County or Philadelphia area is the best choice. 

Both offer great accommodations.  Be sure to check the hotel map to assure best proximity to the Festival.  

Things to Do!

A trip in to the Linvilla Tomato and Pear Festival opens up some interesting ideas for a weekender trip.  

The Philadelphia area is great for a week long Summer adventure

Enjoy this Year's great selection of Tomato Festivals