Fairfield Tomato 
Festival Information

Fairfield Tomato Festival information is a combination of a Hometown Tomato Festival and California Wine and Food Pairing.

The  Fairfield Tomato Festival is a 25 Year event.  It s held by the Fairfield Mainstreet Association. 

It's a good old hometown street party with touch of wine tasting elegance.

There is something to do for everyone.  The big plus are the Tomatoes.  California Heirlooms appear in abundance. 

If you're in San Francisco or Napa California in Mid-August, you are a short ride to a Tomato wonderland.

Fairfield Tomato Festival Information

The Fairfield Tomato Festival is held every year in August, the peak of the California Tomato Season.  

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Fairfield Tomato Festival Site

Mmmm!  Can almost taste them!

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The Fairfield Tomato Festival is located 25 Min. South-Southeast of Napa and about an hour North-Northwest of San Francisco, California .  

Flying in?  A rental car is necessary, but will open up the scope of your adventure. The drive from the San Francisco Airport is approx. 54 min.  to Fairfield Tomato Festival. 


No matter where you are coming from there are quality Hotels, guest houses and B&B's everywhere.  Staying in Fairfield, Napa or San Francisco are the best choices.  If you can find a place in the Fairfield area, it would make a great hub for both trips to Napa and Frisco.

All three offer great accommodations.  Be sure to check the hotel map to assure best proximity to the Festival.  

Things to Do!

A trip in to the Fairfield Tomato Festival opens up some interesting ideas for a weekender trip.  

The Northern California is great for a week long Summer adventure

Enjoy this Year's great selection of Tomato Festivals