Facts About Tomatoes For Recipes

Facts about tomatoes for recipes will help in planning and planting tomato gardens. Trying a new tomato recipe? Here's some facts about tomatoes for recipes everyone should know.

Size, Wetness (juiciness), Acidity and Sweetness. All are to be considered in recipes whether stated or not. Choose plants and tomatoes accordingly. Tomatoes aren't all red. The tomato spectrum of colors is really amazing. Sometimes a little color will raise the recipe to another level. Many colorful Heirloom tomatoes are tasty as well as beautiful.

Size is important. Learning the facts about tomatoes size is important in recipe calculations. A recipe may call for ten tomatoes. Ten - one and a half pound Beefsteaks are a lot different than ten cherry tomatoes. Let's say the ten tomato recipe states "medium" tomatoes. Size ratings vary on medium tomatoes from 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" on round (globe type) tomatoes . What about oblate (flat top and bottom, oblong shape) tomatoes? Many heirloom tomatoes are oblate, but not all.

If a recipe says ten medium heirlooms what's the answer? A simple description of ten tomatoes is stated in most recipes. As shown, it's not that simple.

Recipes on this site will state measurements in either cups or ounces of prepared tomatoes along with the estimated amount of tomatoes, for more accurate results. When trying a new recipe that doesn't accurately describe the type and amount of tomato to be used, make an educated guess, write down the type tomato and amount used. If the dish turns out great, keep the data. If not, make adjustments as needed and try it again. Once the taste and texture are just right, adjust and finalize the recipe.

Size matters in fresh tomato recipes such as the simple tomato sandwich or tomato, mozzarella and basil dish . A large slab of tomato works best with these. Smaller tomatoes such as Grape and Cherry tomatoes are wonderful in salads or as a garnish. Medium tomatoes are often the size implied in recipes.

Wetness or juiciness of a tomato is based on the size of the seed gel sack.

One of the little known facts about tomatoes is that the substance in the seed gel sack inhibits the seeds from germinating while in the tomato. The flesh or meaty part of the tomato also contains juice .

Generally the larger the seed gel sack, the juicier the tomato. A real wet tomato is well suited for juicing and soups. A drier type such as a plum tomato, is great for making tomato paste used in tomato sauces and other recipes. A balanced type tomato with just enough juice is preferred for most recipes. To reduce the wetness simply pop out the seed gel sacks before preparing the recipe.

Acidity is in all tomatoes. The degree of acidity is different among tomato varieties. Acidity can vary in like tomato varieties depending on growing conditions such a soil Ph, fertilizing and watering methods.

An acidic tomato will do well when mixed with sweet ingredients such as basil, Crab or Lobster meat. The best use of acidic tomatoes is in canning or preserving. The more acidic the tomato the less altering needs to be done in the canning process.

When used later these tomatoes have a more natural flavor than those that needed the acid artificially balanced during the canning process. A carrot cut up into big chunks and cooked into sauce or soup will reduce the acidity of the tomatoes and add a little sweetness. If the tomatoes are super acidic a little sugar may be necessary for balance.

Tomato acid can have adverse effects on some people. Knowing your body is important. Find out more at Healthy Me Blood Facts.

Sweetness is what most are looking for in a tomato. Many tomatoes are designed for sweetness, some Heirlooms came about it naturally. The search continues to find that "candy" sweet tomato, though some are very close. The acidity usually keeps the sweetness in check for a very pleasant balance. Sauces and soups on the sweet side are the preference of many cooks. The less sugar used in recipes the better.

For an over acidic or blah tasting tomato, Sweet Basil works well to bring things in balance. Some recipes won't go well with basil, A carrot cut up into big chunks or diced up as an ingredient and cooked into the sauce or soup will sweeten things up, as mentioned above. Here's an example of the search for the perfect sweet tomato. Sweet Facts About Tomatoes

So, before planting a tomato garden or trying a new tomato recipe, use these facts about tomatoes for your garden and recipes.

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