Chicago Tomato Blast!

Tomato Blast is a massive tomato fight modeled after Spain's annual La Tomatina Fest.  

La Tomatina is an annual festival held in Valencian the town of Buñol, a town located 30 km from the Mediterranean, in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in this tomato fights purely for fun!  

Get ready for a Tomato Blast loaded up and firing approx. 40,000 Pounds of Tomatoes!

Add in a little Top 40, Hip-Hop and Rock music to fire up the red nasty!

Chicago Tomato Blast  - Information

The Chicago Tomato Blast Festival.

FESTIVAL DATE:   Sunday, July 13th, 2014

TIME: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

LOCATION: Soldier Field Festival Lot,  
                        1410 S. Musuem Campus Dr.,
                       Chicago. IL

PRICE: $49.99 for participants. $24.99 for spectators. Goggles $4.00.  

Age:  All ages are welcomed. 14+ to participate in tomato fight. 21+ to consume beer. 

Excerpt from the Site.

Event Info

Tomato Blast is in the planning stages for tomato blast 2014.  Stayed tuned. Our events will feature up to 50,000 lbs of tomatoes, thousands of targets, live music and cold beer.   For more

Tomato blast is made possible by the countless volunteers who donate their time and effort to help make our events a success.  Furthermore, our volunteer efforts do not go unnoticed. As we offer t-shirts, refreshments, name laminates and a chance to be entered into our raffle.  So join us to by clicking here!


The Chicago Tomato Blast Festival is in the City of Chicago IL.  If flying into Chicago airport, a rental car may be necessary depending on your choice of accommodations (see "Staying" below). 

Oh yeah, If your thinking of going to one (or Two?) Tomato Food Fights and more, this is it! (see "Things To Do" below)


Before and after your one (or Two) day(s) of madness, you may need big city fun along with lots of attractions to balance your adventure.  Chicago is definitely the place to stay.     

Things to Do!

Add Chicago's attractions to your wild Chicago Tomato Blast weekend or go for a Big City Summer vacation and extend your visit to the Chicago area for a week or more.  There's plenty to do.

WAIT!  It's a "Two For"!

Can't get enough of a good Tomato Fight?  Before your Sunday Tomato adventure, head out Saturday morning to the Tomato Royale.

YES!  Another Tomato Food Fight!  But, this one adds a little Bull to the equation.  Actually, 20+, 1,500 Pound Bulls.  And they'll be Chasing you! 

If you're looking for THE Bucket List Weekend, this is your big chance!
Plus, it's right here in the good old U.S.A.

It's like the Perfect Tomato Storm on a hot July weekend in Chicago.