Beefmaster Tomato Project

3 Months -

These two Beefmaster Tomato plants are very agressive growers. The plants are naturally drawn by the Sun to the South side of the chain link fence (Neighbors side).

The plants are growing wide as well as high. It became apparent the chain link fence and the "H" stake would not supply enough support. Something needed to be done fast. This how to grow tomatoes project was quickly getting out of control.

The first choice should be the Commercial Grower method for indeterminate type plants, which is to choose a manageble height, usually 5 - 6 feet high and regularly run trimmers just above the stake / trellis for plant control. When using this method the row space is wider than usual because the plants will naturally grow wide.

The other choice is to lend support to the plants and let them go wild. Without tomato support the plants would become ground viners. Ground vines in South Florida do not have a good success rate.

Enter the "Tomato Condo". The name given by friends referring to the Tomato Project scaffold. The structure is constructed of 1"x4" corner posts with 1"x2" ferring strips used for all other verticle and horizontal framing. It is built two feet wider, than the framed plot, on each of the three sides North of the fence. Additional framing will be added later for strength as needed

This may seem like overkill, but previous experience with this variety dictates this size structure. Hopefully, it is large and strong enough for these tomato giants. The plants have lots of green fruit and blossoms that will soon turn into much heavier ripe,fresh tomatoes. No fertilizer has been used on these plants since planting. The growth is due to proper soil preparation. In spite of drought conditions and limited watering the plants seem to be growing larger everyday.

Stay Tuned for more Updates!

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