Beefmaster Tomato Project
4 Month Update

The Beefmaster Tomato Project is rolling along pretty well for the Tomato Condo residents. This project is proving to be a great example of how to grow tomatoes. These tomato giants are becoming heavily intertwined. The photo above shows residents in the penthouse at the top of the tomato Condo. Ripe, fresh tomatoes will be coming soon! A little yellow edging has appeared on some of the outer leaves.

Hopefully a little adjustment in the watering strategy will correct this. This seemingly never ending drought keeps things interesting. Using the hose for additional early morning watering at the base of each plant every three days(twice a week) should do the trick.

One of the reasons for the yellowing problem may be that the additional mulching is absorbing much of the restricted watering. The restricted three day watering intervals may be allowing the outer mulch to dry thoroughly and a high percentage of the the subsequent watering may not be penetrating into the root system. This is a common problem with wood based mulch. We will know by the next update if the altered watering schedule corrects things.

No bug problems or fungal problems are evident at this time. But there is a critter problem that not many garden clubs have ever encountered.

IGUANAS. That's right! Our area is overrun by the spawn of all the pet shop iguanas released (illegally) into the wild, or as we call it our neighborhoods. The problem is out of control. Home owners can plant a patch of Inpatients in the afternoon and they will be stubs by morning.

Up until now these prehistoric looking critters have left Tomatoes alone, enter the arrival of Mutt and Jeff, as we like to call them. They don't seem to know if they like Beefmaster Tomatoes or not. But, intermittently they chew holes into, of course, the largest, ripest tomatoes on the vine. One of the issues with these nuisance creatures is that nothing seems to deter them.

Keeping with the non-chemical treatment of our project plants, household items like cayene solutions, garlic and even moth balls have been placed around the area to no avail. Many suggest an accidental brass overdose is the cure, but that's a last resort solution. Next update should be interesting.

The ripened fruit are starting to appear along with heavy flowering throughout.

The size and shape of the tomatoes from these two beefmaster tomato plants are different in appearance as suspected by the different photos on the seed packs. These Beefmasters are either two totally diferent varieties or are the product of varying hybrid results, but possibly using the same parent donor plants.

Interestingly while they appear totally different on the outside, the insides are virtually identical, as is the taste and acidity.

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Stay tuned for the 5 month update on these tomato giants.

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