Tomato Fights!

Tomato Fights , a trend that is flourishing across the Festival scene in the United States. 

One Tomato Festival in particular has inspired and demonstrated to many  that it's OK to let loose and have some messy fun.  The famous La Tomatina in Spain.

People in the United States are inspired and the availability of venues is growing rapidly, eliminating the need for the long and expensive trip to Spain.

(A scene from Tomato Blast)

Americans are tired of watching  and are ready to participate.

Tomato lovers and extreme event followers have decided in large numbers to demonstrate the desire to let loose and be part of something unrealistically messy and fun. 

Enter the rotten tomatoes.  Not qualified for human consumption and destined for the garbage, we have found a use.  Throwing, and being hit by those sweet, acidic fruit.

Want to be involved?  Are you ready for an out of control (not really, there are rules of course) sticky, wet mélange of bodies and bits of tomatoes?

Think of it as a kind of a fun, chaotic health resort, supplying the body's #1 organ with a Lycopene overdose.  Extreme skin care.

Here is your ticket to the American Tomato Fights.

For Information, Dates and Times for Tomato Fights near you, just click on the highlighted Tomato Festival name. 

Tomato Festivals involving Tomato Fights come in various configurations.

The names start with Tomato and usually end with Battle, Blast, Fights, Royale's, Wars etc.  The venues can be . . . .  .

  • within the confines of an actual Tomato Festival,
  • combined with the other Spanish madness, Running with the Bulls
  • or Stand Alone. (well, except for the whole loud music and Beer thing)

Examples of each classification will be represented.

Tomato Fight - Stand Alone Festivals

So far we have discovered Two major promoters in this category.  Each with two festival entries.

The Tomato Battle version of the stand alone Tomato Fight group has Tomato Festivals based on the West Coast. 

Most of the country's Tomato Fight aficionados, unless rooted on the Left Coast, will require a trek to participate.

These are the loud music and beer Festival models mentioned previously.

First up is Tomato Battle Seattle, held in August.  This Festival is located on the Pacific Coast side of Washington State, so a travel weekender could provide additional adventures.

The second is the California Fight,  Tomato Battle NorCal, and is located not far from San Francisco bay area.  A late summer event held in September. 

So, if you missed ALL the other Tomato Fights around the Country this is one of your last chances.

Interested in a week long vacation idea?  San Francisco and the Napa Valley
aren't far and the end of September is prime time for both. 

Tomato Blast is the other Stand Alone Tomato Festival group.  Tomato Blast promotes tomato Fights in the Central and Northeast United States.

Tomato Blast uses a very similar arrangement as the Tomato Battle package.  Both seem to be very high energy events.

Tomato Blast Festivals are in the month of JULY. 

First Stop is in the Windy City.  The Chicago Tomato Blast is held in July

Lots to do in Chicago.  Once you're cleaned up of course!

The second Tomato Blast fight is the New York Tomato Blast! , held in July.

No, It's not being held down on 33rd & 3rd.  But, you can bet this one should get loud, New York Style. 

New York City in the summer!  This is possibly the top travel weekender of all Festivals.

If you're in the area, don't miss this one!

Tomato Fights - Running with Bulls

This could well be the two-for from hell.  Or, a double hit on a bucket list.

The Tomato Royale Tomato Fight is only half of the "The Great Bull Run" package. 

Running down a road with a dozen or so 1,500 pound angry Bulls.  No, don't see a problem there.  Do one of the two events offered , do both or just watch and enjoy the madness.

Regardless of however your nervous system is wired, go to this one and you will have an experience like no other!

NOTICE ! The Great Bull Run / Tomato Royale  promotions have been  cancelled for 2015. 

The events are planned to resume in 2016 

If you're in the United States, your not far away from one crazy day in your life, you'll never forget.

                            Run for Fun?

Festivals with Tomato Fights

So far we've only found a couple of regular Tomato Festivals with Tomato Fights. 

First up is the Grainger Tomato Festival in Tennessee.  The Grainger Festival is held in July.  This  fight seems a little different than the others.   It's based on the fighting style, appropriately named Tomato Wars.

The Grainger approach looks like long distance field bombing from opposing sides, instead of the chaos theory used in other Tomato Fights.

Love the mountain back drop.  Tennessee mountain Summer vacation.  Nice!

Pittston Tomato Festival in Pennsylvania is one of the biggest Tomato Festivals and the name of their event is TOMATO FIGHT.

The Annual Pittston Tomato Festival will be held in downtown Pittston in August.

The style of fight used in this Tomato Festival is similar to the Grainger Tennessee Tomato War.  Except, it is staged in a parking lot instead of a field.

Contestants are positioned behind a rope barrier on opposite sides of the lot .  The distance between participants isn't as far as the Tennessee version and appears to be a short range bombing style fight.

A nice Safety factor is the tomato ammo prep.  Look closely at the cuts made in the tomatoes.  Great idea that prevents any hard balling damage.

In the mood for a fight?  Find the Tomato Fight near you and let them fly!

Please let us know of any Festival with a Tomato Fight event we've missed.