Tucci's Fire n Coal
Thin Crust Pizza

Red Rock Pizza's thin crust pizza was the only great coal fired pizza in Boca Raton, Florida a few years ago. The nifty off the beaten path, stand alone building, gave the place a special vibe.

Unfortunately Red Rock went out of business a couple of years ago, forcing regular visitors to search out new sources of coal fired pizza pie.

About a year after closing, the old Red Rock Pizza re-opened under a new name, Tucci's Fire n Coal Pizza. Tentative about trying a new version of an old favorite, I decided to give it a try.

The interior was a little different, but the menu was very similar. My first time visiting Tucci's, I ordered my "old standard", an Italian salad and a large cheese and tomato pie. It was really good.

The next concern would be consistency. After a couple of trips to Tucci's I realized I had a winner.

The appetizers were very good and the pizza pies seem to get better each visit.

Before I go into detail, there's something I'd like to say to pizza fanatics everywhere:

Dining at Tucci's Fire n Coal Thin Crust Pizza Restaurant is a "Must Try" for anyone living in or visiting South Florida.

Restaurants using wood and coal to fire up pizza ovens have gained in popularity and believe me, I've tried most of them. But, Tucci's Brick Oven thin crust Pizzas are in a world of their own.

Alberto of Tuccci's only uses top notch ingredients and marries them up perfectly in an absolutely simple yet wonderful pizza.

I liked Tucci's so much, I didn't make my own thin crust pizza for a couple of months.

So, What makes the Tucci's pizza so good? Start with the crust. It's very crispy on the outside, chewy inside and has wonderful taste. The tomatoes are not acidic, aren't overly seasoned and have a delicious fresh taste.

The fresh mozzarella is tasty and combines with the tomatoes and crust beautifully, not rubbery or oily, while handling the high heat of the brick oven

Add toppings for a "build your own" specialty pizza. I love the meatballs with fresh basil added after the oven.

If you want to treat yourself, order an Authentic Margherita pizza pie with real buffalo cheese. This is a traditional tomato pie recipe.

As mentioned above the house Italian Salad is on the menu along with some really great appetizers. The oven fired chicken wings and broccoli rabe are very popular choices.

Drinks are bottled water, bottled sodas over a glass of ice, Italian & domestic beers and a truly Italian wine list, by the glass or bottle.

If you make it through all of the above, Tucci's also has deserts available.

Anything on the menu can be ordered to go.

Try Tucci's you won't be disappointed!

Before you go, check out Tucci's Thin Crust Pizza Menu.

It's ok to like different styles of Pizza. My friends are amazed that one of my favorite pizza pies is found in a concourse at an airport. Long live the King of Pizza!