2015 Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival

The 2015 Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival is brought to you by the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce.  This is the 59th year of the Festival.  Making it one of the longest running Tomato Festivals in the country.  It is also one of the biggest with events running for a week and attracting over 30,000 visitors 

2015 Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival - Information

The Annual Bradley Pink Tomato Festival is held every year on the second full weekend of June.  The Festival kicks off the week before the Main Event weekend with the annual Grand Tomato Ball.

Following are the date, time and location of the Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival.

FESTIVAL DATES: June 12 - 13,  2015
                                   Note: See Festival schedule for additional events 

TIME:  9:00 am to 12:00 am


LOCATION:    Court Square    104 North Myrtle Street    Warren, AR 71671

For more information go to the 2015 Bradley County Chamber of Commerce Website.


The 2015 Bradley County Tomato Festival is one of the largest Tomato Festivals in the country.

The location is a little out of the way if visiting from out of State  The Bradley County Festival is just due south of Pine Bluff. .

This one does it all, country style, with just about any Tomato Festival Event imaginable.

Pagaents, Golf Tournaments, 5K run, Tomato battle, great bands and many tomato events Packed into an Award Winning 3 day weekend.

The Pink Tomato is the official Arkansas State Vegetable and Fruit.

Visit for the week or make a long weekend out of the Festival's Main Event Weekend. 

Looking to kick off the Summer Vacation early? Then this Early June prize is just the Place.

Bradley is famous for their great Festival Posters.  Here's last years example.


Visitors come in from all the surrounding States.  

Flying in?  A rental car will be necessary. The drive from the airport is approx. 1 hour.  The  South Arkansas Regional Airport is nearest.  Memphis or Dallas flights may be hundreds cheaper if the longer car ride isn't a problem.   compare the current cheapest flights to both airports

Staying and Things to Do!

Warren in Bradley County area has a few quality Hotels.  So with a Festival of this size, local accommodations probably fill up pretty fast.  Be sure to expand the search below to the surrounding areas.  As for things to do, the Festival has  everything you need to have a great time.